Black Brant II

The Black Brant II was a very successful sounding rocket produced by the Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment (CARDE) beginning 1960. This is my build of a 5.5" diameter model of the three fin version.

The design is shown here and the Build info is provided in the docs section.

I'm tempted to fly this with a reversed parachute configuration where the drogue is located in the forward payload bay and the main in the aft section. Mainly because of the space constraints and squeezing a large main in the fwd payload will be a really tight fit!

painting notes

I've gone for the standard (all black fins) approach for this one. Following Peter Alway's drawings, I'm going to do:

  • Prime with grey primer
  • Mask the leading edges of the fins and paint everything white
  • Mask the white bits
    • bottom eight bars 5.5cm wide with one equally around a fin (fin 1)
    • top single bar 22cm wide centred on the fin to the left of fin 1 (fin 2)
    • panel lines on the fins with narrow tape